God is always at work.

He calls churches to follow Him into their communities to share Christ’s transformational love with each and every person. Cities and neighbourhoods should be impacted and blessed through the social action and thoughtful, cultural engagement of local Christians.

NewGround partners with deacons and churches to break new missional ground, nurturing Spirit-led ideas that bear everlasting fruit.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and join Him!

NewGround Initiatives

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Youth Justice Project

Helping teens make a difference in their community! The Youth Justice Project encourages youth to identify an injustice in their community and share ways they hope to address it. Approved applicants receive grant money, coaching, and support from NewGround staff.

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Community Opportunity Scans

Get to know the people, organizations, resources/assets, and the needs of your community first-hand with this valuable resource.


New Ministry Grants & Support

NewGround offers coaching, networking, and grants to churches seeking to break new ground and start sustainable community ministries.


Deacon Scholarships

As leaders in God’s Kingdom, Deacons have an exciting opportunity to equip and empower their congregation to share Christ’s love and mercy with others. We want to help you do that!

Information & Resources


Where we came from and where we're going.


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Offering Resources

Through the revamped NewGround program, Diaconal Ministries is intentionally building into church leaders of today and tomorrow to impact communities with the love of Christ. Will you help us?


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Networking & Learning

Diaconal Ministries Canada and NewGround support our partners with learning and networking opportunities.

NewGround Partners

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