Community Opportunity Scans


A church that is ready to see its relationship with its neighbours in a new way will find that a Community Opportunity Scan (COS) opens doors to exciting possibilities.

A COS gets churches beyond their four walls to engage with their community. Through the process of conversations and interviews, churches identify the assets, skills, resources, and potential partnership opportunities available in their community.

A COS is a comprehensive process of discovery. It will not only identify needs, it will also affirm the unique gifts and assets in the community and in the church.

With this information your church can discern opportunities to…

  • Create awareness of local issues
  • Engage in community partnerships
  • Evaluate existing programs
  • Begin new initiatives

We've outlined some tools and resources below to help you get started.

Tools & Resources


Read through the basics of what’s involved in the COS process.

Step 1. Pray!

Prayer Walking is often referred to as “praying on-site with insight” and is a crucial part of the COS journey.


Information on the COS process, from how long it takes, to how to build a team, to who should be involved.

Sample Report

Get inspired by one church’s story of how a Community Opportunity Scan brought their community together to love and serve one another.

Are You Ready?

A helpful questionnaire for your church to discern whether the timing is right for a COS.

Did You Know?

Our NewGround program provides up to $1500 to churches undertaking a Community Opportunity Scan (COS) in their community.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact one of our Regional Ministry Developers who can walk alongside your church as you go through the COS process. Grants are also available to your church through NewGround program.

Tammy Heidbuurt, Eastern Canada (Manitoba to Maritimes)

Rachel Vroege, Western Canada (Saskatchewan to British Columbia)


Call our office at 1-800-730-3490 x4304


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