Once churches have identified new ministry opportunities in their community and discerned ways to partner and collaborate with others, a NewGround partnership is a great next step!


NewGround (previously Operation Manna) offers coaching, networking, and resources (which includes grant money) to churches to address the gaps and break new ground by starting sustainable community ministries.

Through the 2-3 year partnership, NewGround helps churches and ministries set goals and identify areas to evaluate effectiveness.

Proposals to NewGround must demonstrate a commitment to asset-based community development principles – an approach that recognizes the strengths, gifts, talents and resources of individuals and communities and helps communities mobilize and build on these for sustainable development.

Characteristics of a NewGround Application:

  1. Demonstrates holistic Christian ministry
  2. Recognizes people’s strengths and responds to felt needs
  3. Promotes sustainable change
  4. Addresses injustices and systemic barrier
  5. Involves the participant
  6. Engages the Christian Reformed Church
  7. Creates partnerships with the community
  8. Ensures accountability and evaluation
  9. Attracts long-term local financial support

Our NewGround Partners

Here is a list of our current and former Community Ministry partners!

Check out where some of them are today because of a NewGround partnership.

Ready to Apply?

Not sure if your idea is a good fit? Have other questions?

Contact Diaconal Ministries at 1-800-730-3490 x4304 or dmc@crcna.org today. We'd love to talk to you and your team!