Stewardship & Benevolence

Stewardship involves understanding that everything we have is a gift from God and faithfully using what we have (stewarding it) in ways that please Him and bring Him glory.

The 4 T's of Stewardship are Time, Talents, Treasures (all of our “stuff”), and Trees (Creation).

Benevolence is closely tied to stewardship but more specifically to how we support the people around us. The Christian Reformed Church's charge to the deacons states that “benevolence is a quality of our life in Christ and not merely a matter of financial assistance.” Benevolence involves a lifestyle of love, respect, and compassion.

Diaconal Ministries provides training and materials to foster an acute awareness among deacons and churches of the importance of stewardship in the Christian life.

Please explore the resources below.

“The earth is the Lord's and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.”

Psalm 24:1

Stewardship Resources

Overview of the Deacon's Role in Stewardship

"Inspiring faithful stewardship" is a key part of the deacon's charge.

Guidelines for Choosing Ministries to Support

Help for deacons to decide which ministries to support.

Getting Started

We've compiled a list of books and other resources to help your diaconate get started.

CRCNA Offering Calendar & Deacon's Worksheet

Check out the CRCNA's Church Year Resources page to find The Offering Calendar, Deacons' Helper Worksheet, and other helpful resources.

Need more help?

Not sure where to start? Our Diaconal Coaches are here to help.

Offering Schedule Guidelines & Templates

An offering schedule must reflect the vision and direction of the congregation in its ministry.

Benevolence Resources

Guidelines for Benevolence

This valuable resource is intended to help deacons establish a framework for responding to people who request help.

Ministering to Inactive Members

Each church member should be encouraged by its Council to experience the "joy" of giving. Here are some guidelines to help you out.

Sample Benevolence Policy

An example of a Church Benevolence Policy.

Sample Financial Information Statement

A detailed financial form to give to someone seeking financial assistance.

Sample Application for Financial Assistance

A written application form deacons may use when working with someone seeking assistance.

Need more help?

Not sure where to start? Our Diaconal Coaches are here to help.

"Helping Without Harming" Workshops

“When relief is merely a bandaid that alleviates the symptoms of poverty but fails to address the root causes, then it is illegitimate. Such assistance merely helps people to manage their poverty rather than to escape from it.” (Establishing a Church-based Welfare-to-Work Mentoring Ministry, by Amy Sherman)

This workshop trains and equips churches and organizations to address poverty and injustice both locally and globally.

Contact us to learn about scheduled workshops OR to plan your own.

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“In imitation of Christ’s mercy, deacons teach us to love God, our neighbors, and the creation with acts of generous sharing, joyful hospitality, thoughtful care, and wise stewardship of all of God’s gifts.”

CRCNA Form for the Installation of Elders and Deacons – 2016

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