Diaconal Ministries Canada is staffed by individuals who are committed to promoting the work of deacons within the church and the community. We recognize the diaconate (your team of deacons) as a key vehicle for mobilizing the ministries of the church and its members in response to people with needs.

We are here to help.

Our Administrative Team


Ron Vanden Brink
National Director
Burlington, Ontario

Anjanette Bailey
Office Assistant
Burlington, Ontario

Cherelynn Minshall
Financial Coordinator 
Cambridge, Ontario

Erin Knight
Communications Coordinator
St. Catharines, Ontario

Karla Winham
Advancement, Stewardship Pilot Project Coordinator
Lower Oslow, Nova Scotia

Our Field Staff


Mark Vanderwees
Regional Ministry Developer (Eastern Canada)
Brampton, Ontario

Rachel Vroege
Regional Ministry Developer (Western Canada)
Chilliwack, British Columbia

Karla Winham
NewGround Coordinator
Lower Oslow, Nova Scotia

Cindy Stover
Canadian Justice Mobilizer*
Hamilton, Ontario

*This position falls under Canadian Ministries, Diaconal Ministries Canada, World Renew, and the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue

Opportunities for those with a Diaconal Heart

November 10, 2016

A Diaconal Coach (formerly called a Diaconal Ministry Developer or DMD) serves as an equipper and coach for local diaconates. Their role is to help…

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Diaconal Coaches

Diaconal Coaches are trained and experienced in diaconal work. They are ready and willing to guide you in your role. They’ll work together with you to learn how to engage with your community, promote stewardship in your congregation, promote mercy and justice—and work out your calling in your church and community.

Coaches are available to connect with every diaconate (the team of deacons in a church) in every Christian Reformed Church across Canada.

Right now we have approximately 1 Coach per Classis in Canada!

Board of Directors

The Board of Diaconal Ministries Canada includes one (1) representative from each of the 12 Canadian Classis in the Christian Reformed Church.

Here is a list of our current Directors:

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Ministry Plans & Annual Report

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