Leadership Development & Administration

Developing and growing as a diaconal leader can be tough — but it's also very rewarding.

The following resources are intended to help you in developing the ministry of your diaconate (your team of deacons) and gain a deeper understanding of your mandate.

Here are some resources to help get you started.

Information & Resources

So You're A Deacon. Now What?

Check out our FAQs page.

Making a Workplan

Making a workplan and setting goals establishes a common purpose, provides focus, and enables your diaconate to evaluate what is being done. It also offers a sense of accomplishment and provides mutual accountability.

Recruitment & Orientation

Many churches and councils find recruitment to be their most challenging task. Help is here!

Top 10 Ways to Recruit New Council Members

Crafting a Recruitment Strategy

Informing the Congregation

Soliciting Nominations for Church Council

Discover Your Gifts

Take time to discover how God has distributed various gifts in your church and in your diaconate. As you do ministry together, both inside and outside of your church walls, you will be able celebrate how you see God working in and through each and every person!

Deacons at Classis & Synod

Synod 2015 radically reframed the office of deacon in the CRC and so that through the full representation of the church, the voice calling for justice and mercy can be clearly heard.

Here are some resources to help Deacons familiarize themselves with Classis & Synod.

Classis Renewal Group Report, 2018 - What is Classis and its role

Top Reasons Why Deacons are needed at Classis & Synod - resource (pdf)

What to Expect as a Delegate to Synod

Deacon Mentoring

The word mentor is defined as a “wise and trusted counselor or teacher”. Looking to Jesus’ example, the process is best characterized by mutual sharing, trust, and enrichment as the life and work of both participants is changed.

Devotions for Deacons

Spending intentional time in prayer for one another, listening and sharing, and reading God’s Word helps deacons reach up to God and reach in to one another before reaching out to their church and community.

Making Visits

Deacons are called to minister with compassion, aka mercy. Compassion is made visible through visits to people in the church and in the community.

Growing in Grace as a Diaconate

Diaconal ministry is primarily about relationships — with God and others. Diaconates can be the place where deacons “practice” what it means to minister to others and in turn minister to each other.

Reverse Mentoring

A process which matches up people of different generations and encourages them to exchange ideas and challenge one another. Reverse Mentoring can help deacons gain understanding of our rapidly ever-changing culture.

Need additional help?

To go deeper or receive hands-on coaching, get in touch with your local Diaconal Coach.

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