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Online Stewardship Course - Launching January 2023!

It’s no secret that deacons often struggle with how they can help their church “excel in the grace of giving” (2 Corinthians 8:7).

In order to address these challenges, a partnership with Christian Stewardship Services and the CRCNA in Canada was struck in late 2019/early 2020 to launch a Stewardship Pilot Project, headed by Diaconal Ministries’ Karla Winham.

The pilot project was designed to help “raise the stewardship bar” and help deacons increase their churches’ awareness of the Biblical principles of stewardship and to help them live those principles out in practical, measurable ways. A letter was sent to every CRC in Canada, seeking a small number of congregations who would participate in the project over a two-year period. Participating churches would be asked to convene a Stewardship Team of 3-5 people who were passionate about stewardship to take the lead for the duration of the project.

Unfortunately, a global pandemic had other plans!

So, like with so many other ministries and initiatives, a pivot was required! A new plan was needed in order to still deliver the same outcomes to churches across Canada who were longing for guidance and support in the area of stewardship.

After much work and collaboration, Diaconal Ministries is excited to share that a brand new, online, self-guided Stewardship Course will go live on the CRCNA's learning portal in January 2023!

The online course will include a learning module for each of the four T’s of Stewardship (Time, Talents, Treasures & Trees/Creation Care) as well as an introductory module and help for those taking the course in small groups. Each module has a ‘toolkit’ of resources and ideas for individuals and teams to equip their church to live more stewardly.

Here’s a sneak peek at our Introduction to Stewardship video that you’ll see in the course!

If you’d like to see the resources we have on our website, go HERE.

And stay tuned for more details about the online course in the coming weeks!

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Keep Praying for Eastern Canada (Hurricane Fiona Relief Efforts)

In addition to financial gifts, World Renew and Diaconal Ministries asks that you join us in prayer:

● Pray for recovery of all communities in the Caribbean and in North America affected by Fiona
● Pray that emergency and medical personnel have the capacity and resources to respond adequately
● Pray for families left homeless by the storm that they may receive shelter and much-needed emergency supplies soon
● Pray for a calming of weather systems around the world that bring loss of life, destruction of property and displacement of families
● Pray that World Renew volunteers and staff working to bring hope to families impacted by disasters will remain healthy and safe and that all humanitarian organizations will have safe access to the roads en route to the affected areas

War in Ukraine

World Renew is working with their global networks to respond to the needs of vulnerable families impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.

Deacons looking to help can visit World Renew's website for more information on how and where to donate, prayers, and more.