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War in Ukraine

World Renew is working with their global networks to respond to the needs of vulnerable families impacted by the conflict in Ukraine.

Deacons looking to help can visit World Renew's website for more information on how and where to donate, prayers, and more.

NewGround Sunday is May 1, 2022!

Diaconal Ministries Canada exists “to inspire, empower, and equip deacons as they animate their churches to join in God’s transforming work in communities across Canada”. We want deacons to know they are not alone as they serve and equip their churches to love and bless their communities.

Our NewGround program (formerly Operation Manna) is a tangible way we help churches love their communities.

Churches love their communities by...

Getting to know them (Community Opportunity Scans)

Working WITH them to create holistic ministries so that every person can thrive (New Ministry Support & Grants)

Raising up the next generation of justice-seekers (Youth Justice Project)

Learning and growing as leaders in God's Kingdom and blessing those around them (Deacon Scholarships)

Visit our NewGround page for more information!

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BC Flooding

There is still a lot of work to do in the area for support. Many folks are still out of their homes because of the devastation left behind by the flood waters.

The newly formed Abbotsford Disaster Relief Coalition has a mandate of raising money and helping those in need on an ongoing basis when “other” organizations have left, or when funding from federal/provincial/local governments have dried up. We will be there to fill in the gaps, so to speak.

Monetary donations are still greatly appreciated and will used to help those that don’t or can’t qualify for any other funding.

Click the button below to visit Gateway CRC's website and/or visit their Facebook page for updates as well!