Welcome to the Annual General Meeting Page!

Our Annual General Meetings are open to ALL who are interested in the work of Diaconal Ministries Canada.


This year's AGM was held on Thursday, November 18, 2021, at 8:00pm EST. Thursday, Nov 18, at 8pm EST (aka: 5pm PST, 6pm MST, 7pm CST, 9pm AST, 9:30pm NST).

Due to Covid restrictions, the meeting was held online via Zoom. All Meeting Materials are below. Diaconates were asked to review these before the meeting.

AGM 2021 Meeting Materials

Meeting Documents

All documents are linked to the AGM Agenda (above) or you can view/download them using these links:

    1. Diaconal Ministries' Organizational Chart
    2. Minutes of AGM, November 2020
    3. Diaconal Ministries' Annual Report 2020-21 (PRINT VERSION) or (ONLINE/INTERACTIVE VERSION)
    4. Audited Financial Statements 2020-21
    5. Approved 2021-2022 Budget
    6. Updated By-Laws
    7. List of 2021-2022 Board Members
    8. Recording of the 2021 AGM (Watch on Vimeo)*

*View Alida's presentation at 40:49! (See below for more information!)

Guest Speaker


We were delighted to have Ms. Alida van Dijk**, PhD RP, join us for our AGM this year.

Alida is a Certified Supervisor-Educator with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC) and is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). [Read her full bio here.]

Alida is the Executive Director of the Community Counselling Centre of London in Ontario, a current NewGround partner, along with Good News Church. Alida shared a little about the Counseling Centre, how it got started, and its important work as well as how deacons can have eyes to see the opportunities that are in their congregations and to follow the Spirit's leading. Her talk is entitled: "Catch the Holy Spirit Wave".

Take a listen now! (See full recording link above.)


**Alida was part of our Annual Ministry Networking Day earlier in June. You can view her talk HERE on "Spiritual First Aid During a Pandemic" in the provided menu under "Main Speaker Video".


Voting takes place during our AGM. Deacons are asked to review the motions (listed on the AGM Agenda) with their diaconate before voting.

Each Canadian CRC is entitled to one (1) vote. If multiple deacons from your church are attending the AGM (which is great!), appoint only one (1) deacon to vote on your diaconate's behalf.

If you are unable to attend this meeting, voting can be done via an electronic ballot.

If you prefer to vote online prior to the meeting but you still plan to attend, this is fine too! Just be sure you don't vote twice.


Email our Office Assistant, Anjanette - abailey@crcna.org or dmc@crcna.org.

2020 Meeting Materials

    1. Agenda - DMC AGM Nov 2020
    2. Diaconal Ministries Annual Report 2019-2020
    3. Minutes of AGM, October 2019
    4. Audited Financial Statements 2019-2020
    5. Audit Letter from DBK Accounting
    6. Approved 2020-2021 Budget
    7. List of 2020-2021 Board Members
    8. Full Recording of the 2020 AGM* (Passcode: e80@CFJ+) - start at 1:39

*As part of our meeting, we shared a story from West End CRC in Edmonton, one of our Covid-19 Grant recipients. You can view that story on Vimeo or right here on our page.

West End CRC - Covid-19 Grant Story