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Written by: Kathrin Veenstra, Fundraising Coordinator

Psalm 66:5 says, “Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles he performs for people!” (NLT).

King David penned Psalm 66 to share and proclaim the amazing things that God had done not only for His people, but also for himself. What a crystal clear reminder of how we should live in gratitude for all of the things that God has done for us today!

The NewGround program of Diaconal Ministries Canada, formerly known as Operation Manna, has been supporting churches and their communities for nearly 50 years! This gives US reason to praise God!

From muffin ministries to young moms in the west to support for refugee housing in the east, we have been blessed so richly as we have helped foster hopeful and helpful community engagement and development all across the country!

Since its inception, NewGround has partnered with over 100 Canadian Christian Reformed churches. As we look back on partnerships that began with just a seed of hope and see how many of them have grown into flourishing community organizations, we acknowledge God’s goodness in how He has blessed NewGround to be a blessing for some many!

This year, NewGround is walking alongside eight (8) CRCs who are supporting six (6) community partners. We entrust these partnerships to God and are eager to see what changes will come about for the people and places these ministries bless!

Come and see what God has done through NewGround!

If you have been following our Facebook and Instagram posts, you will see some of our past and present partnerships and the impact that NewGround has had on these communities.

On May 24th, Diaconal Ministries will host its annual Ministry Networking Day in southern Ontario. The Ministry Networking Day (MND) is an annual gathering for both past and present NewGround partners, both the staff and volunteers of community organizations as well as the deacons and members of sponsoring CRC churches. This day provides an exciting forum for encouraging one another and sharing best practices. Themes and workshops have included:

  • measuring the effectiveness of a ministry;
  • how to begin a mentoring ministry;
  • recruiting volunteers
  • board recruitment and development;
  • and more!

A highlight of the day is hearing updates from the current NewGround partners on what’s been happening in their organizations and communities. These can provide inspiration and insight to potential partner churches so it’s really a day for anyone who wants to go deeper into their local neighbourhood and discover opportunities for building relationships and partnerships! We encourage you to attend the MND this year and learn more about NewGround and how it could help YOUR church love its community!

Your support of NewGround allows for important training and networking opportunities such as the annual MND to continue.

This year NewGround Sunday was designated as May 5th by the Christian Reformed Church in North America. But you can support NewGround anytime throughout the year by giving through your local church or directly to Diaconal Ministries through e-transfer or on our website.

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