British Columbia


Bart Plugboer, Topley
Classis British Columbia (NW)

Bart has served the church as a deacon for 4 terms, has been active in many community initiatives and has been instrumental in the development and promotion of Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) activities. He is the consummate deacon and believes that "diaconal work is at the core of the ministry of the church, because deacons are called to love people."

Stefanie Unger, Nanaimo
Classis British Columbia (NW/Vancouver Island)

Stefanie lives in Nanaimo, BC, and works as an organizational development consultant, helping nonprofit organizations solve organizational challenges, develop effective leadership and plan for the future. A lifelong learner with a background in education, research, professional writing and facilitation, she feels called to help nurture cultures of service and collaboration in the church. She and her husband, Jeff, have been part of Christ Community Church in Nanaimo since 2009.

rsz_gary_editedGary Veeneman, Abbotsford
Classis British Columbia (SE/NW)

Gary has served 3 terms as deacon, including 2 terms as chair and 1 term as treasurer. He has served as chair of the Diaconal Ministries Canada board (2002-03), and was involved in the formation of Diaconal Ministries Canada in the mid 1990s. He believes diaconates are empowered when each deacon develops his or her own workplan.

Alberta & Saskatchewan

rsz_lucinda_editedLucinda Klapwyk, Edmonton
Classis Alberta North

Lucinda is a homemaker and spends her day "filling in the cracks" of school, church and community. She enjoys visiting families and seniors, supporting school programs, teaching Sunday school, and participating in worship services. She has served Inglewood CRC as a deacon and continues to stay in contact with several of the community members she met during her term. Her latest gig is holding coffee chats the twice a month for anyone who wants to pick her brain about diaconal work! Read about it here!

rsz_jean_editedJean deBeer, Saskatoon
Classis Alberta South & Saskatchewan

Jean works full time as a practical nurse at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. She has served as deacon at Bethel CRC in Saskatoon and enjoys involvement with refugee families her church has sponsored. Jean's focus is encouraging deacons in their role within the church and local community, and bridging the isolation churches in Saskatoon and Regina can experience.

Jolyn Bolderheij, Calgary
Classis Alberta South & Saskatchewan

Jolyn has a heart for those who are struggling and who are traveling a difficult road in their lives. Her background involves working as an RN in cancer and palliative care and teaching at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Nursing. Through the years she has volunteered with the homeless, helped resettle refugees and served on her congregation’s Safe Church committee. Along with her husband, Jolyn attends River Park Church in Calgary where she has been the chairperson of the deacons for two terms. During that time, she has been heavily involved in refugee sponsorships, benevolence work and visitation. She enjoys exploring how we, as deacons, can best equip ourselves to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our churches and communities.

Jolyn works primarily with the churches in Calgary and High River.


Teda Heerema, Thunder Bay
Classis Lake Superior

Teda Heerema belongs to Hope CRC in Thunder Bay, ON. She has served as a Deacon for one term and has come to understand the importance of the deacon role in our churches. Over the years she has also served with Teen Club, Gems, Sunday School and VBS. With her wealth of experience in ministry, she is excited to now serve as a Diaconal Coach!

Teda is married with three grown children and is a grandmother. Her lifelong profession is in Critical Care Nursing. She enjoys sewing and the outdoors: canoeing, hiking, and gardening. "My God and Saviour has helped me through many rough patches in my life and I long for others to have assurance of this in their life as well."

Teda will be serving the churches in Thunder Bay and Emo, Ontario!

John Klein-Geltink, Ingersoll
Classis Chatham

John has served 5 times as deacon, 14 years as a Diaconal Coach, and as a board member/volunteer with a local outreach ministry. His passion is to help the Church have a bigger vision of what the local community could become and walk alongside deacons as they lead the local church. He wholeheartedly supports and encourages asset-based community development so that churches can avoid harming the ones they aim to serve. Confused? Ask him about it!

Marcia Hosmar, Hamilton
Classis Hamilton

Marcia is really looking forward to being a Diaconal Coach. Hamilton has been her home for almost 20 years. Her husband, Jim, teaches at a local Christian school and their three children are completing various levels of education. When family activities don’t consume all of her time, she enjoys biking, reading, and camping - and anything dealing with food creativity in the kitchen.

Marcia says that "being passionate about outreach and hospitality has allowed me to use my gifts as a Deacon at Meadowlands Fellowship CRC in Ancaster." She is involved in their Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Centre and enjoys ministry in various capacities.

rsz_fred_editedFred VanderSterre, Brussels
Classis Huron

Fred is a member of the Blyth Christian Reformed Church and lives on a farm where he and his wife Henrietta raised five children, who are all out of the house by now.

Fred has served as a deacon several times and as a Diaconal Coach he has been a helpful resource to fellow deacons in Classis Huron for many years.

rsz_1len_editedLen Bakelaar, Lynden
Classis Huron

Len has been a Diaconal Coach for over 10 years. He is semi-retired with lots on the go. He and his wife work as Regional Advocates for Disability Concerns, and are involved in rebuilding projects a couple of times per year with World Renew Disaster Response Services. Len's desire is to motivate deacons so that their meetings are a place where they can confide in each other, inspire each other, and hold each other accountable as they serve their church and community.

Peter Timmermans, Guelph
Classis Huron & Classis Toronto (West)

Peter is currently serving as a deacon in New Life CRC in Guelph, ON. He is a community and organizational development consultant with 25 years of experience, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa. Peter worked for World Renew for 15 years and is looking forward to opportunities to use his skills learned overseas in a Canadian context.

Peter loves facilitating processes that discover and address the complexity of social change. For him, being a Diaconal Coach means helping deacons, organizations and groups navigate towards their biblical mandate to be relevant and effective in the communities in which they exist.

Helen VanBeilen, Ancaster
Classis Niagara

Helen's passion to see churches equipped to  share the love of Christ is what brought her to serve with Diaconal Ministries Canada. She has served in her church as the adult ministry coordinator for 15 years and worked as the Lead Debt Coach at Christians Against Poverty (for 5 years).

Helen recently completed New Leaf's Transformational Coaching program. She is eager to empower deacons to build bridges within their own communities, through facilitating conversations: conversations that celebrate blessings and navigate through challenges. Helen's heart is for the vulnerable and marginalized. As churches strive to become missional in their communities, she believes they will experience their own transformation and lead from within that.

Helen lives in Ancaster and is married to her wonderfully supportive husband, Ed and they have launched three adult sons. Helen loves to play the piano, and sit and have coffee with friends. She currently volunteers for Open Homes Hamilton (one of our NewGround partners!), tutors, and loves to work with refugees. For fun, Ed and Helen plan the occasional walking trip in Europe.

rsz_bill (1)_editedBill Groot-Nibbelink, Frankford
Classis Quinte

Bill worked for a number of years for the Ministry of Agriculture & Food out of Brighton, ON, and is now enjoying retirement. He has lived in several parts of the province over the years, and has been a member of CRCs in Cornwall, Mount Brydges, Hagersville, and Frankford. He has served on council in three of those churches and is a graduate of the Eastern Canada Leadership Development Network. Bill's focus as a Diaconal Coach is to encourage deacons in their efforts to further Christ's kingdom in the region.

Eastern Canada

Anita Hogeveen, Stittsville, ON
Classis Eastern Canada (Ontario churches)

“Where’s the strength to keep my hopes up? What future do I have to keep me going? Do you think I have nerves of steel? Do you think I can pull myself up by my bootstraps? Why, I don’t even have any boots!” [Job 6:11-13; The Message]

Anita reminds us that being a Christian means being part of diakonia; to serve among others. The word deacon comes from the Greek word 'diakonos' which means servant, waiting-man, minister or messenger. It is every person’s calling to serve others: to bring Christ’s message of love and acceptance wherever we go. This message comes through words, deeds, listening, empathetic presence, laughter, etc. Predominantly for Anita, it means creating safe spaces whenever it is in her purview to do so. "The tricky part is ensuring a healthy life balance. Prayer is an essential piece in the equation."

Karla Winham, Lower Onslow, NS
Classis Eastern Canada (Maritime churches)

Karla worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist for 20 years before returning to school to do an MBA in Community Economic Development and pursuing her passion for nonprofit organizations. She serves as a deacon at John Calvin CRC in Truro, NS. Karla is energized by helping diaconates dream about the possibilities to show God’s love in their own communities and connecting them with resources to put their dreams into action. She thinks the sooner we realize we’re ALL called to diakonia, the better! Karla lives in Lower Onslow with her husband and 3 kids.

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