Opportunities for those with a Diaconal Heart

A Diaconal Coach (formerly called a Diaconal Ministry Developer or DMD) serves as an equipper and coach for local diaconates.

Their role is to help deacons grow in their understanding and capacity as Diaconal Leaders, providing coaching, support, encouragement and accountability for diaconates.

They do this by holding workshops and training events, by providing relevant resources, and by connecting deacons and churches to local organizations.

Our network of Diaconal Coaches is one of our most valuable tools to inspire and equip deacons across Canada. Each Coach receives modest remuneration and an expense budget.

Want to learn more?

Contact our Administrative Assistant at dmc@crcna.org or click here to find out more about our Diaconal Coaches (formerly known as Diaconal Ministry Developers or DMDs).