God wants each one of us, including deacons, to grow in our calling and in matters of the heart, knowing God and ourselves, listening to Him, letting Him minister to us and feed us with His Word.

As deacons grow in their love for God, they will also grow in their relationships with each other and those they are ministering to.

Having a time of devotions and prayer at your deacon's meetings is meant to facilitate a sharing of the living Word. It will help develop your language of faith and help you apply Scripture. It will also increase your ability to use Scripture as you minister to those inside and outside of the church. While it may be tempting to skip this portion of the meeting or rush through it, time and time again we hear deacons say that when this portion of the meeting is done intentionally and thoughtfully, the rest of the meeting seems to run more smoothly and become more meaningful.

We pray that these devotions will be a blessing to your diaconate.

Start Here!

As Deacons gather for their monthly meeting, someone typically begins the meeting with devotions. This is a special time for the group. It provides the deacons with a chance to “inhale” – to catch their breath and focus on God.

This brief outline suggests some practical ways to do that.

Here are some devotions to get you started...

Devotion Set #3 (2018)

Calvin College offers a 7-week Bible study on the theme of Justice. Seven different writers from the Calvin and wider church community have addressed such topics as race, pro-life, creation care, and poverty from a biblical perspective.

Download it here.

Consider doing these devotions as a diaconate or invite your congregation to join you through a Small Group Campaign and/or Pulpit Groups as part of a Justice Sermon Series.

Search other Bible Studies/Devotions on the Calvin College website as well.

Devotion Set #2 - What Does It Mean to be a Deacon?

Written primarily for use in your deacons meetings, this set of 12 devotions unpacks the calling of the deacon in the areas of community ministry, compassion (mercy), justice, and stewardship.

"What Does it Mean to be a Deacon?" Devotion Set #2

Devotion Set #1 - Live as Examples of Christ Jesus

The theme of this set of 12 devotions is taken from the Charge to Deacons. Each aspect of the Charge is unpacked using a story from Jesus' ministry on earth. Jesus provided the perfect example so that, in turn, Deacons may be His examples in your church and community.

(Note: if time does not allow for you to read both the biblical story from Jesus' ministry and also the text, you may consider asking the deacons to read the story prior to the meeting.)

Live as Examples of Christ Jesus Devotion Set #1