Diaconal Coach, Len B, working with deacons in Cambridge, ON
Diaconal Coach, Len B, working with deacons in Cambridge, ON

Diaconal Ministry Shares are the main revenue stream that helps support the activities of Diaconal Ministries Canada each year.

In a nutshell, Diaconal Ministry Shares are part of the agreement that Canadian Deacons made with each other in the 1960s and recommitted themselves to in 2001 when representatives from every CRC Classis (and/or Diaconal Conference) in Canada met and approved Diaconal Ministries Canada as a national organization. (Note that Diaconal Ministry Shares are not the same as Denominational or Classical Ministry Shares.)

Diaconal Ministry Shares are invoiced to each Christian Reformed Church in Canada and are based on each church's membership. Each year, Diaconal Ministries' Board of Directors, made up of representatives from every Canadian Classis, reviews and approves the per-member amount and each year these amounts, along with audited financial statements, are presented at Diaconal Ministries' Annual General Meeting.

While our primary funding comes from annual Diaconal Ministry Shares, Diaconal Ministries continues to break new ground so we can better serve deacons and the local church. These new initiatives take extra time and money so we look to generous donors with a diaconal heart to step up and fund these exciting new ventures.

Will you partner with us? Your one-time or monthly donation will help us extend our reach and increase our impact!