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Proposals to NewGround must demonstrate a commitment to asset-based community development principles – an approach that recognizes the strengths, gifts, talents and resources of individuals and communities and helps communities mobilize and build on these for sustainable development.

A NewGround Partnership is about so much more than just grant money...

Our staff also walk alongside churches and ministries to assist in coaching and networking. Some of our "Coaching Conversations" have included troubleshooting Covid restrictions, strategic planning, help with Board recruitment and diversity as well as providing tips and resources about marketing/promotions and fundraising.

Types of Grants

Community Opportunity Scan

NewGround provides up to $1500 to churches undertaking a Community Opportunity Scan (COS) in their community.

A COS gets churches beyond their four walls to engage with their community. Through the process of conversations and interviews, churches identify the assets, skills, resources, and potential partnership opportunities available in their community.

Click below for more information and/or contact one of our Regional Ministry Developers to help your church get started!

Community Ministry Grant & Support

As churches listen to their community and identify ministry opportunities that couple the passions and skills of their church with those of their community, opportunities for partnerships and collaboration often percolate.

NewGround offers coaching, networking, and resources (which includes grant money) to churches to address the gaps and break new ground by starting sustainable community ministries. Through the 2-3 year partnership, NewGround helps churches and ministries set goals and identify areas to evaluate effectiveness.

Conditions for Community Ministry Support Applications

    • The maximum amount of multi-year funding paid to an applicant in the first year is $15,000 to ensure local sustainability.
    • The amount granted to an applicant declines each year for multi-year funded projects/programs.
    • The NewGround grant must constitute at least 20% but not more than 50% of a project’s total budget. The same limits apply to program funding.
    • NewGround does not normally fund capital projects such as construction and renovation to buildings. An exception will be made if the Committee determines the costs are integral to the development of the ministry.
    • NewGround will only provide funding to an applicant one time unless the Committee determines that a reasonable amount of time exists between applications.

Characteristics of a NewGround Community Ministry Grant Application

  1. Demonstrates holistic Christian ministry
  2. Recognizes people’s strengths and responds to felt needs
  3. Promotes sustainable change
  4. Addresses injustices and systemic barriers
  5. Involves the participants
  6. Engages the Christian Reformed Church
  7. Creates partnerships with the community
  8. Ensures accountability and evaluation
  9. Attracts long-term local financial support

Youth Justice Project

A program to connect young people with the deacons in their church to find innovative ways to address injustices in their community. Applicants aged 14-19 will submit a video application describing a justice issue they are passionate about and a plan for how they will engage and actively participate in their local community to address it. Approved applicants can receive up to $6,000 in grant money for their cause plus $3,000 of coaching time and expenses.

Click below for full details and an application form OR contact Diaconal Ministries at 1-800-730-3490 x4304 or

Deacon Scholarships

Deacon Scholarships are an intentional investment in deacons as leaders in God’s Kingdom. Using a simple application process, NewGround offers up to $250/year per diaconate for “new ground” learning, focused on the work of deacons.

Examples include books, videos, conferences, workshops. Preference will be given to deacons (or diaconates) who have not received support previously.

Click below for full details and an application form OR contact Diaconal Ministries at 1-800-730-3490 x4304 or if you have any further questions.

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Diaconal Ministries Canada is a partner agency of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.