Focus on Stewardship: Hope CRC in Thunder Bay

Hope CRC in Thunder Bay, Ontario recently shared how they weave the theme of stewardship throughout their month of worship in September.

Deacons actively encouraged and challenged different leaders and groups to be intentional about stewardship:

1. Council was asked to think of ways to incorporate stewardship discussions into their visits in September.

2. The praise team was encouraged to find songs on stewardship for worship during the Sunday services.

3. Each year, the pastor would be challenged to preach on different types of stewardship; however, because Hope CRC is currently vacant, those leading the reading services were encouraged to find sermons about stewardship online (where there were many good ones from which to choose).

4. Each week during the month of September, little “blurbs” on stewardship were printed in the bulletin.

5. The deacons scheduled stewardship-related offerings during the month of September.

How does your church incorporate stewardship into the worship and life of your church? Leave a comment and let us know.

Looking for resources on stewardship? Click here to find a few that Diaconal Ministries Canada has compiled to get you started.

(the 5 ideas above were adapted from a piece written by Susan Otto, Chair of Deacons, Hope CRC)

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