New Year… New Approaches(?), Part II

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By Guest Vlogger: Victoria Veenstra

A food bank that doesn’t give out any cans… what does that even look like?

Last month we looked at ways churches are addressing food insecurity and poverty. Many CRCs across the country are lovingly and consistently partnering with local food banks to provide essentials to those in our communities who just can’t make ends meet. While on the surface, this looks like good-intentioned charity, what if our helping is actually hurting those we aim to serve and love?

In this second part of our series, guest vlogger, Victoria Veenstra, chats with John Klein-Geltink, Diaconal Coach with Diaconal Ministries Canada, and an active member of Operation Sharing, the local food bank in Woodstock, ON. Their vision is to be a “Christ focused community, committed to living out the gospel of Jesus Christ, through the service of love and justice, as we work with the impoverished of Oxford County. Integrative, holistic and proactive, with an emphasis on dignity and respect, helping not only those in need, but the community as a whole.”

What sets this food bank apart are those two words above: Dignity and respect.

Watch the video below!

So… What Now?

Here are 3 things your diaconate/church can do right now to start (or restart) your church’s mission to address food insecurity and poverty!

  1. Read Part I on our blog, for helpful ideas, related articles, and some next steps!
  2. Not convinced? Read this article from Northern Illinois!
  3. Reach out to John Klein-Geltink yourself and he’ll answer any questions you have or even speak with your team of deacons! (

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