Overcoming Spiritual Roadblocks in Ministry – Devotion #3; Why Pray?

What exactly is prayer, and how does it fit into the work which the Lord calls us to do?

At its heart, prayer is a form of communication. It is a conversation with our Heavenly Father. But dialogue is only the start. Just as in earthly relationships, communication is essential for growth and health. It is the same with our relationship with God. As the apostle John reminds us, we need to abide or remain in Christ. As we remain, we grow in relationship with him.

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Covid Grant Helps Church Address Mental Health

Video Produced by; Victoria Veenstra We recently chatted with Jenn Burnett, the lead pastor from The Well in Kelowna, BC. Their church received one of our Covid-19 grants last fall to address mental health with their community.  In spite of changing lock down protocols, The Well has continued to be creative in the use of…

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CarePortal Equips Churches to Care for Vulnerable in their Community

The world of social justice and charity can feel overwhelming. There are so many options of where to get involved and how. Doing a fundraiser is great, but are you fostering relationships with the recipients? Doing a food or clothing drive is good, but how is the church learning to walk alongside the people who are in need of that support?

Often when we look closer at issues of justice and care for our communities, we recognize how interconnected many aspects of poverty are. These aspects create cycles that are very difficult to leave behind. One crucial characteristic of those who are able to step out of those cycles of poverty, is the presence of healthy and supportive relationships and community.

Enter Forever Families Canada- a ministry that aims to connect, equip and mobilize churches to effectively journey with vulnerable children and their families…

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Ten Questions For Coping with Covid

How have you been coping with the changes brought about by COVID? Early on I came across a facebook post with 6 questions to ask yourself in quarantine. I altered the questions to meet my particular situation and needs and each night before bed I write the answers in my beautiful stationary.

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A Message from the National Director

Racism. Recent events in the United States have once again raised our awareness of its existence there, but make no mistake about it: racism exists in Canada as well. Pausing to listen and pray… Racism. Recent events in the United States have once again raised our awareness of its existence in such a way that…

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If We Build It, They Will Come…(?)

By Karla Winham Sitting back and waiting for people to come asking for help might just leave the church out of the loop entirely. What if instead our churches joined the people who have been actively loving our neighbours for weeks now?  This post is in response to our “Top 10 Ways Deacons Can Help…

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Spread Love…Wherever and However You Can

This post is in response to our “Top 10 Ways Deacons Can Help During COVID-19”, posted April 20, 2020. “Coronavirus Searches Lead Millions to Hear about Jesus” (Christianitytoday.com). The tagline alone immediately peaked my interest! My inner-evangelist leapt for joy at the prospect of millions securing a place in the loving kingdom. Our family has…

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Spreading like Wildfire

While most of our conversations, meetings, newsfeeds and social media messages right now are related to the COVID-19 virus as it spreads around the world, the truth is, something else is spreading too. A message from Ron Vandenbrink, National Director of Diaconal Ministries Canada God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in…

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A Church on Mission

With a desire for spiritual renewal, Maple Ridge CRC initiated a Community Opportunity Scan in order to listen to their community, their church, and the Holy Spirit. Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels By Cindy Verbeek, Board Member of Diaconal Ministries Canada and Erin Knight Maple Ridge Christian Reformed Church is what you might call…

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