A New Year: setting goals as deacons

The beginning of 2015 may feel like a new start after the break for Christmas. Of course there is some continuation of existing ministry patterns and activities; however, some of those activities may follow the established agendas of past leaders or they may cause your diaconate to lose focus because of old dilemmas and diverse passions.

Consider the beginning of a new year as a gift, an opportunity to review, reconsider and resurrect energy and focus!

Set some goals in your diaconate for the next 6 months, but also for the long-term (goals which might take 2 – 3 years to realize and implement).

Why set goals?  They will…

  • provide a focus for ministry.  Meetings can be repetitious and reactionary or, alternatively, they can be places to develop meaningful, just-filled ministry.  Decide next steps to meet your goals.
  • give you, as a team, a common purpose based on your charge.  Time can then be set aside each meeting to note the steps taken to achieve the goals.
  • help you to be accountable to each other as each person with unique gifts works to contribute toward the goals.
  • assist you in evaluating time and efforts together as a diaconate.  Are your time and gifts in diaconal ministry being used to love God and your neighbour?
  • serve to offer the experience of accomplishment. Take time to celebrate positive outcomes!

At your next meeting, re-consider your ministry goals and focus on those that will also engage your church members:

Diakonia, as the work of service that restores shalom, is not confined to any particular office but belongs to the church as a whole. The calling of deacons is not to perform that service on behalf of the church but to equip, empower and enable the church to live out its own diaconal calling.”  (Diakonia Remixed Report to Synod, 2012)

The multiplication of ministry will happen with the pursuit of shared goals.  The division of the workload will follow as congregational members are invited to be involved!!

–written by Katie Karsten, Justice Mobilizer for Diaconal Ministries Canada

Need some help? Click here to find a workplan template from Diaconal Ministries Canada (under Workplans & Handbooks).

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