Surviving Recruitment Time

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!”

Yes, yes, we know Christmas is long gone. It’s Recruitment Time! I am sure by now your Church Council has worked long and hard to craft a witty and concise bulletin announcement and that it’s been published the last 3 weeks, with a deadline that is fast-approaching. And I’m also sure by now your Council Chair’s inbox or church mailslot is overflowing with nominations and/or people asking where they can sign up! If that is true, then this article is NOT for you.

But, if like most churches and Councils, you haven’t heard a peep and/or you’re dreading this year’s nomination process, then feel free to keep reading.

No matter what ministry team you lead in the church, recruitment is likely your least favourite task; aka a ‘necessary evil’. Unfortunately for everyone involved, most church leaders don’t enjoy doing it, not many know HOW to do it, and not many are successful at it. If Recruitment were a musical, it would likely be named I Will Survive and would feature hit songs like:

But seriously, here at DMC, we don’t think it has to be that bad! And we’re here to help! So to help you not only SURVIVE recruiting new deacons, but to THRIVE, we want to spend some time this month looking at the Do’s and Don’ts of Recruitment. This week, we’ll start you off with our Top 10 Ways to Recruit New Council Members. It’s a quick snapshot into how to recruit well, year after year. Look it over, and let us know what you would add or take away, or let us know what you’ve tried in your church.

How About You?

So what does your church or diaconate do to recruit new council members? Tell us your trade secrets! Email Erin today or give her a call at 905-931-1975.

January 2018: Let’s Focus on RECRUITMENT!

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It’s a brand new year! A season of fresh starts! A time when we strive to be the best we can be moving forward. Of letting go of our past mistakes and bad experiences and grabbing hold of new and exciting opportunities to learn and grow! Right?! Are ya with me?!!

In the world of churches and schools, it’s been said that we sort of get 2 “New Years”: one in January and one is September, when the summer is over and a new church season begins. And like many teams and committees and boards, with each new year (or new season) we make plans and set goals in order to ensure our work and ministries thrive! But like any ‘new year’ filled with hopeful and helpful ‘resolutions’, things can quickly fall to the wayside as we become inundated with the day-to-day tasks of our work and ministries. And it’s no different with deacons, am I right?!

And that’s where DMC comes in! We exist to inspire, empower AND equip all deacons as you animate (aka. mobilize) YOUR congregations in the areas of Community Engagement, Stewardship and promoting Mercy & Justice. So over the course of the next few months, we’ll be having a monthly theme to help you be the best YOU can be!

To start us off, January’s focus will be on RECRUITMENT! Finding new deacons to join your team can be a daunting task and it’s something you have to do EVERY year! And the sooner you start, the better. Here at DMC, we want to help make it easier to find the right people at the right time to be a part of your diaconate. So for our first post, we’ve compiled our Top 10 Ways to Recruit New Council Members. (Yes, you can share this with your Elder friends as well!)

Read it over and tell us what you think! Did we miss anything? Do you have some trade secrets to share with the rest of us? Put your comments below or send us an email ASAP!

And this is just the beginning. Look for more resources to come out in the days ahead. Things like catchy bulletin announcements, what a recruitment strategy could look like, sample job descriptions and so much more!