How Deacons Impacted my Faith and Family

The interactions my family had with the deacons at our church profoundly influenced my family’s journey toward becoming members of the Christian Reformed Church. They impacted our lives in tremendous ways. I am convinced that my story would have a very different ending if it wasn’t for the support, kindness, and hospitality offered by the deacons, along with God’s leading and direction in our lives. God brought light back into our world through the deacons at Hope, who supported us and showed the love of Jesus.
Let me share some of our family’s story with you…

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Wearing the Mark of Mercy

I am thankful that I was introduced to the writings of Tim Keller and highly recommend his devotional book: “A Year of Daily Devotions in the Book of Proverbs – God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life”. In it, he says that mercy isn’t just the job of the Christian: mercy is the mark of the Christian. This quote just stops me in my tracks. Wearing the mark of mercy is one of the most practical and beautiful ways that we can show the world that we are Christians. Sometimes I overcomplicate it, over-analyze the means by which I show it, or even find excuses why someone isn’t worthy of my mercy. This quote stops the noise in my head.

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CarePortal Equips Churches to Care for Vulnerable in their Community

The world of social justice and charity can feel overwhelming. There are so many options of where to get involved and how. Doing a fundraiser is great, but are you fostering relationships with the recipients? Doing a food or clothing drive is good, but how is the church learning to walk alongside the people who are in need of that support?

Often when we look closer at issues of justice and care for our communities, we recognize how interconnected many aspects of poverty are. These aspects create cycles that are very difficult to leave behind. One crucial characteristic of those who are able to step out of those cycles of poverty, is the presence of healthy and supportive relationships and community.

Enter Forever Families Canada- a ministry that aims to connect, equip and mobilize churches to effectively journey with vulnerable children and their families…

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Seeing the Unseen

For most of his life, Al Fielding suffered epileptic seizures. Through two local church communities and an encounter with God, he was healed — and now finds himself on his second term as deacon at Jennings Creek CRC. (Photo by Tim Fuzail from Pexels) “I always felt like God had no use for me. I…

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Learning to Live Out Reconciliation – A DOE Story

(Pictured above: Mike Hogeterp (left) and Jonathan Maracle exchanging gifts and greetings in the indigenous tradition) Anita Hogeveen was one of the participants of “The Dance of Reconciliation” workshop led by Mike Hogeterp (Director of the Centre for Public Dialogue) and Jonathan Maracle at the Day of Encouragement (DOE) held on April 7, 2018, in Brockville, ON.…

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