Sharing Me-mentos on Valentine’s

The deacons at Bethel CRC in Listowel, Ontario, recently shared about a Valentine’s Day ‘surprise’ they did for the congregation.

Prior to the Sunday morning gathering, the deacons put a roll of Mentos on each pew and attached a little tag to each one with a Valentine’s poem:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Share a Mento
With all in your pew!

“My family was passing Mentos along the pew a few Sundays before and it just came to my mind as something fun to do!” recalls one of Bethel’s deacons. “We came up with a cheesy little poem and we were all set.”

“As deacons, we’re trying to be more intentional about letting the congregation know who we are and what deacons do…and that we’re here to help them. Some members think we all do is receive and disburse the offerings on Sundays!” This has led the deacons to start discussing ways they can be more ‘visible’ to their church members and show them what being a deacon is really all about.

One major role of the deacons is animate their church members to love and serve people – both inside AND outside their church walls. Through this small memento given out near Valentine’s Day, the deacons were hoping to not only show kindness to their members but to also encourage them to do this for someone else!

Overall, this little gift was well-received by the congregation.

Way to go Bethel Deacons!

Hey Deacons, what does YOUR church think being a deacon is all about?

We’d love to hear what your diaconate has done to encourage and inspire your members and to also share about the work you are doing inside and outside your church walls.