National Aboriginal Day: June 21

Join with churches across Canada to respond to the call for reconciliation with indigenous peoples. There are many resources available to help you learn about what reconciliation might look like, and there are opportunities  to act, advocate and be involved individually and as a church.

  • For background information on Aboriginal justice in Canada, and more information, opportunities and resources, navigate through the justice pages of the Diaconal Ministries Canada (DMC) website.
  • Learn about the resources available for Aboriginal Sunday from the Canadian Aboriginal Committee of the Christian Reformed Church.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of and response to God’s call to let justice flow like  a river personally and communally through DMC’s partner, The Office of Social Justice.
  • Join the conversation about social justice in the CRC through the do justice blog. Read the recent piece written by Shannon Perez (Canadian Ministries’ Justice and Reconciliation Mobilizer) on the “courageous act of being vulnerable at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”

Pray that God will continue to prompt and equip the church to respond in love to our Aboriginal neighbours.