Canoeing the Mountains: Exploring Adaptive Leadership

For Churches in or near Classis Toronto!

Deacons are LEADERS! You have been called by God to animate your congregations in order to transform communities for Christ. And sometimes, you need a little bit of help!

Immanuel CRC in Brampton, ON, is pleased to host Tod Bolsinger, author of Canoeing the Mountains*, for this all day workshop. Together with others you’ll grow in your understanding of how to navigate continuous change and be adaptive leaders in your own context.

This workshop will allow you to process Tod’s material in greater depth and with a reformed focus. You will be able to grapple with the ideas he presents along side others from your congregation and sister churches. There will be time for participants to process the material and create next steps, using what they have learned to bless their local context.

Refreshments and lunch included in ticket price.

For more information, visit the Facebook event page or find tickets on Eventbrite! You can also watch this video if you still aren’t sure what this book is about and why you NEED to read it. While it was primarily written to pastors, church leaders alike can also glean Tod’s wisdom and insight to help them lead their congregations in this new post-Christendom era.


*Several ministries of the CRCNA, including Diaconal Ministries Canada, recently read/studied this book about the changing landscape in which we do ministry and were blessed by it! While it’s helpful to first read Tod’s book before attending, it isn’t mandatory. Ask us about itif you aren’t sure this conference, or book, is for you!