Diaconal Ministry Shares

Diaconal Ministries Canada
What does DMC do?  What are Ministry Shares?

DMC was formally organized as a national organization in 2001.  It is an intermediary network that is owned by the deacons for the sake of the diaconates and churches in Canada.  Annual Reports and Ministry Plans for each year are set to be approved at the AGM in October.

For the 2018-19 budget year, the deacons at the Annual General Meeting (held Friday, September 28, 2018 in Burlington, Ontario) approved the amount of $8.25 per professing member.  All Christian Reformed Churches in Canada receive a number of benefits and services from DMC’s Ministry Shares.

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1.  Equipping Deacons:
DMC provides group learning experiences (such as workshops and presentations) on diaconal ministry topics such as Deacon 101, compassion ministries, leadership development, justice, stewardship, etc.  These learning opportunities can take place in your church and/or at regional events.

2.  Strategizing with Churches to Engage their Communities:
DMC walks alongside churches to listen, discern and take action in their neighbourhoods and communities using a proven tool.

3.  Funding:
DMC through its Operation Manna program provides grants to churches and other ministries to start new ministries or add programs.

4.  Coaching/Consulting:
DMC has tools to increase the capacity of churches and other ministries by offering its expertise in many areas (board development, staff development, fundraising, volunteering, etc.).

5.  Resourcing for Deacons:
DMC develops many practical and useful resources for deacons and churches, that are free.

6.  Networking:
DMC connects diaconates and churches with one another for collaboration and sharing, and DMC collaborates with other CRC agencies to leverage their strengths.