Youth Justice Project

What is NewGround?

God is at always at work. He calls churches to follow Him into their communities to share Christ’s transformational love with each and every person. Cities and neighbourhoods should be impacted and blessed through the social action and thoughtful, cultural engagement of local Christians.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and join Him.

What is the Youth Justice Project?

A way to connect young people with the deacons in their church to find innovative ways to address the injustices in their community.

Who Can Apply?

Young people between the ages of 14-19 who belong to a Christian Reformed Church in Canada can apply.

How Does It Work?

  • Participants will submit a video describing the justice issue they are passionate about, including ways a NewGround partnership can help them actively work to bring about positive change.
  • Youth must involve their deacons in the justice cause/activity.
  • The video must be approximately 3-5 minutes long.
  • An applicant must identify areas in which NewGround can provide coaching and mentoring support.
  • Applicants must sign the appropriate release for NewGround and Diaconal Ministries Canada to produce a video documenting the Youth Justice Project.
  • The NewGround Committee will chose two (2) winners; one finalist representing Western Canada: BC, AB, Sask, the other representing Eastern Canada: MB, ON, QB and the Maritimes.
  • Each winner will receive $6,000 for their cause (plus $3,000 of coaching/mentoring).

What Kinds of Causes Will Be Considered?

Youth Homelessness, Mental Health, Teen Pregnancy, Bullying, Drug Addiction, Refugees, Exploitation, etc. are examples of causes that can be highlighted in the submitted videos.

The injustice can be a global issue but there must be a direct connection to the community you live in.

Ways to address the injustice must demonstrate a commitment to asset-based community development principles such as: empowerment of participants, partnerships, and focusing on people’s abilities.

2019-2020 Timeline

  1. Video submissions are due on or before September 1, 2019;
  2. The NewGround Committee will select the 2 Finalists by September 29, 2019, and they will be notified shortly thereafter;
  3. First grant installment (75% of $6,000 = $4,500) will be released December 1, 2019;
  4. Second installment (remaining 25%) will be released April 1, 2020;
  5. Final Report due on May 1, 2020.

How to Apply

Interested youth are asked to email or call 1-800-730-3490 x4304 to speak to Diaconal Ministries’ staff member.