There are currently 10 OM Partners across Canada funded in part through Operation Manna. These vital ministries are making a difference in the lives of people in need. They provide an open door of hope for people to make a fresh start through new choices, skills and opportunities. A door of opportunity is also open for church members to build relationships with people in the community.

Contact an Operation Manna supported church or organization and inquire how you might get connected to serve.

Operation Manna Partners get together annually for Diaconal Ministry Canada’s Ministry Networking Day.

Visit our 2017 OM Partners:

  • Camp Shout (in partnership with Jubilee Fellowship, St. Catharines, ON)
    • This multi-week summer day camp extends God’s love and compassion among families in Niagara.
  • Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre (in partnership with Meadowlands Fellowship CRC, Ancaster, ON)
    • The debt centre provides financial management courses and debt counselling.
  • Divorce Care for Kids (in partnership with Bethel CRC, Waterdown, ON)
    • Divorce care is designed to help children from divorced homes heal in safe group setting.
  • Freedom Session Ministry  (in partnership with Westside Fellowship CRC, Kingston, ON)
    • This is a 12-step, Christ-centered healing and discipleship ministry.
  • Heartland Fellowship CRC, Chilliwack, BC
    • The church is engaged in various local ministry activities including trail building and hosting community barbeques and carnivals.
  • Loyalist Christian Life (in partnership with Maranatha CRC, Belleville, ON)
    • This is a campus ministry at Loyalist College, focused on building relationships with students and creating a leadership structure and framework for ministry.
  • My House (in partnership with Mission Hills Community Church)
    • This is a centre for vulnerable youth that provides essential services like a place to eat, shower, do laundry and access medical care.
  • Ramoth House (Mount Forest, ON, in partnership with Drayton CRC)
    • This is a cooperative residence for young women and children in need of safe housing, offering life skills and parenting education.
  • Refugee Chaplaincy (in partnership with First CRC, Vancouver, B.C.)
    • a chaplaincy position with connect with the federal government Refugee Welcome Centre opening in May 2016.
  • West Yellowhead Pregnancy Centre (in partnership with Edson Peers CRC)
    • This centre focuses on supporting those with unplanned pregnancies.

Some of our past OM Partners: