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Diaconal Ministry Developers (DMDs) are encouragers and coaches for deacons. They are experienced in diaconal work and are available to help deacons understand their role and work out their calling in the church and its community. DMDs are available to connect with and visit every diaconate (the team of deacons in a church) in every Christian Reformed Church across Canada.

We encourage you to contact your DMD…

  • to help your deacons develop a fuller sense of their calling
  • to connect them with practical resources specific to the role of the deacon
  • to help generate vision and provide focus for ministry in the local community
  • to help create a work plan and set new goals
  • to network Christian Reformed Churches in the classis
  • to help provide stability and momentum in a diaconate as deacons start and finish their terms
  • to answer your questions about being a deacon and your role in the church

Meet our DMDs

British Columbia

BartBart Plugboer, Topley
Classis British Columbia (NW)

Bart has served the church as a deacon for 4 terms, has been active in many community initiatives and has been instrumental in the development and promotion of Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) activities. He is the consummate deacon and believes that “diaconal work is at the core of the ministry of the church, because deacons are called to love people.”

rsz_gord_editedGordon Pierik, Victoria
Classis British Columbia (NW)

Gordon is a construction project manager, which has provided him opportunities to serve in Honduras with World Renew, and in El Salvador with the Mercy Corps. From this he has developed a passion for poverty and social justice issues.

rsz_gary_editedGary Veeneman, Abbotsford
Classis British Columbia (SE and NW)

Gary has served 3 terms as deacon, including 2 terms as chair and 1 term as treasurer. He has served as chair of the Diaconal Ministries Canada board (2002-03), and was involved in the formation of DMC in the mid 1990’s. He believes diaconates are empowered when each deacon develops his or her own workplan.

John Richey photoJohn Richey, Vernon
Classis British Columbia (SE)

John lives in Coldstream, British Columbia. He and his wife, Tina (nee Terpstra) have been part of the East Hill Community CRC since 1988. John is recently retired fromthe Canadian Red Cross as Director for BC Interior. He has also served on the boards of World Renew and Diaconal Ministries Canada. John is blessed to bring his skills and leadership experience to the role of DMD for the Okanagan Area. He enjoys sharing and Learning with the deacons of the five churches in the service of our Lord to his people.

Alberta & Saskatchewan

rsz_lucinda_editedLucinda Klapwyk, Edmonton
Classis Alberta North

Lucinda is a homemaker and spends her day “filing in the cracks” of school, church and community. She enjoys visiting families and seniors, supporting school programs, teaching Sunday school, and participating in worship services. She has served Inglewood CRC as a deacon and continues to stay in contact with several of the community members she met during her term.

rsz_harvey finalHarvey Buit, Blackfald
Classis Alberta North

Harvey has lived all his life in central Alberta, and worked mainly operating an agricultural repair business.  He and his wife reside in Blackfalds and are members of the Lacombe Woodynook CRC.  Harvey has served as deacon and elder, in pastoral care, and in several other volunteer roles.  He has a heart that desires to help others and looks forward to serving the deacons in this capacity.

rsz_jean_editedJean deBeer, Saskatoon
Classis Alberta South & Saskatchewan

Jean works full time as a practical nurse at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. She has served as deacon at Bethel CRC in Saskatoon and enjoys involvement with refugee families her church has sponsored. Jean’s focus is encouraging deacons in their role within the church and local community, and bridging the isolation churches in Saskatoon and Regina can experience.


rsz_john_editedJohn Klein-Geltink, Ingersoll
Classis Chatham

John has served 5 times as deacon, 14 years as Diaconal Ministry Developer, and as a board member/volunteer with a local outreach ministry.  His passion is to help the Church have a bigger vision of what the local community could become and walk alongside of deacons as the lead the local church.

rsz_ron_editedRon DeSmit, London
Classis Chatham

Ron and his wife Harmine are life-long residents of London, Ontario, and members of the Bethel CRC. He has served the church as a deacon for 5 terms, and has served on Bethel CRC’s Administrative Council. Ron’s particular interest is promoting strategies to increase churches’ awareness of world hunger and opportunities for refugee sponsorship.

rsz_fred_editedFred VanderSterre, Brussels
Classis Huron

Fred’s profile is coming soon!

rsz_1len_editedLen Bakelaar, Lynden
Classis Huron

Len has been a DMD for over 10 years.  He is semi-retired with lots on the go.  He and his wife work as Regional Advocates for Disability Concerns, and are involved in rebuilding projects a couple of times per year with World Renew Disaster Response Services.  Len’s desire is to motivate deacons so that their meetings are a place where they can confide with each other, inspire each other, and hold each other accountable in serving their church and community.

rsz_bill (1)_editedBill Groot-Nibbelink, Frankford
Classis Quinte

Bill works for the Ministry of Agriculture & Food out of Brighton.  He has lived in several parts of the province over the years, and has been a member of CRCs in Cornwall, Mount Brydges, Hagersville and Frankford.  He has served on council in three of those churches and is a graduate of the Eastern Canada Leadership Development Network.  Bill’s focus as a DMD is to encourage deacons to be encouraged in their efforts to further Christ’s kingdom in the region.

The following Classis in Ontario are looking for a DMD. Could it be you?

  • Classis Chatham
  • Classis Hamilton
  • Classis Niagara
  • Classis Toronto

Eastern Canada

Anita Hogeveen, Stittsville, ON
Classis Eastern Canada (Ontario churches)

All her life, Anita has lived in Eastern Ontario and has been a member of the Christian Reformed Church.  She has a passion for justice and is eager to serve with the deacons and contributing to the good works in place.

Karla Winham, Lower Onslow, NS
Classis Eastern Canada (Maritime churches)

Karla has served as a deacon at John Calvin CRC in Truro, NS and is still an active member of the church’s Justice League. She is interested in many issues of social justice, but is especially passionate about encouraging and helping people to love their neighbours in their own communities. Karla is a Speech-Language Pathologist and lives in Lower Onslow with her husband and 3 kids.