Devotion Set #2

Written primarily for use in your deacons meetings, this set of 12 devotions unpacks the calling of the deacon in the areas of community ministry, compassion, justice, and stewardship.

“What Does it Mean to be a Deacon?” Devotion Set #2

Devotion Set #1

The theme of this set of 12 devotions is “Live as examples of Christ Jesus” (also taken from the Charge). Each aspect of the charge to the deacons, within that theme, is unpacked using a story from Jesus’ ministry on earth. Jesus provided the perfect example so that, in turn, you may be His examples in your church and community.

We pray that these devotions will be a blessing to your diaconate.

(Note: if time does not allow for you to read both the biblical story from Jesus’ ministry and also the text, you may consider asking the deacons to read the story prior to the meeting.)

Live as Examples of Christ Jesus Devotion Set #1

**please note that it works best to download and save the devotions before printing