The church does not simply have deacons, but is, by its very nature and calling, a diaconate. The call of deacons is to motivate and mobilize the congregation for works of service (diakonia).

Deacons are members appointed by the church to minister mercy, justice and Christian love to the church and all people. Deacons assess needs, promote stewardship and hospitality, collect and disburse resources for benevolence, and develop programs of assistance. To read the Deacons’ Mandate, laid out in the Form of Ordination of Elders & Deacons (2016), click here.

But the calling of deacons is not simply to perform those services on behalf of the church; rather, the deacon’s role is to motivate, equip, and empower the whole church to live out its diaconal calling.

Synod 2015 made some landmark decisions about the Office of the Deacon. Read the Diakonia Remixed Executive Summary (Synod 2013) and the Church Order revisions that were subsequently approved.

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