The purpose of Operation Manna is “to engage Christian Reformed Churches in community ministries that seek to bring about sustainable change in individuals and communities experiencing significant needs.” We’ve been partnering with churches in Canada for over 30 years. Click HERE to read a brief history on how Operation Manna first began.

The following types of community ministry are eligible for an Operation Manna Partnership.

  • Christian Reformed Churches (CRCs) in Canada and community ministries connected to CRCs are eligible.
  • There are no restrictions on your ideas and creativity! Everything is eligible, including pregnancy centres, music schools, day camps, drop-in centres and community cafés.
  • Ministries must seek to be a part of long-term, sustainable change in the lives of people in the community.
  • Operation Manna partners with new programs in established ministries, but also with new ministries.
  • Operation Manna also partners with churches to carry out Community Opportunity Scans.

For further information on Operation Manna’s funding guidelines, types of funding available, conditions for funding, and timelines for applications, please read: