Are you participating?

The 2018 Operation Manna Offering for Canadian CRCs will take place on Sunday, May 6th. Materials for that offering have been sent to your church!

This year’s campaign features two (2) Operation Manna Partners that are reaching out to refugees in their community:

  • Refugee Chaplaincy, Vancouver First CRC, B.C., and
  • Camp Shout, Jubilee Fellowship CRC, St. Catharines, ON

Watch their stories here!

Click here to download video: Operation Manna 2018 – Two Refugee Ministries

The OM Materials* were mailed out on April 4th, 2018. If you require more copies or to share these resources, click these links below:

Operation Manna 2018 Handouts
Operation Manna 2018 Worship Materials & Suggested Bulletin Announcements

*resources have not been dated so feel free to use them on whichever Sunday you have designated for the OM Offering

How might a partnership with Operation Manna help your church in local ministry?

1. Diaconal Ministries Canada has experienced staff dedicated to the Operation Manna program.

  • We provide support to your ministry through prayer, encouragement and consultation (planning, organizing, training, or even providing a “sounding board” for your ideas and vision).
  • We connect you to other ministries and churches across Canada involved in similar ministries for learning and sharing.
  • We provide excellent tools to help you develop your ministry.

2. Diaconal Ministries Canada makes grant money available to churches for their ministries.

  • These grants might be needed to help to start a program or ministry.
  • They might also help a church or ministry with limited financial resources be able to partner with others in the community.
  • They might help your church develop a current ministry further or to move it in a new direction.

3. As part of our network, your ministry will be given more exposure and promotion in your Classis and across the country.

What types of community ministry are eligible for an Operation Manna Partnership?

  • Christian Reformed Churches (CRCs) in Canada and community ministries connected to CRCs are eligible.
  • There are no restrictions on your ideas and creativity! Everything is eligible, including pregnancy centres, music schools, day camps, drop-in centres and community cafés.
  • Ministries must seek to be a part of long-term, sustainable change in the lives of people in the community.
  • Operation Manna partners with new programs in established ministries, but also with new ministries.
  • Operation Manna also partners with churches to carry out Community Opportunity Scans.

Learn more

Your church is part of a neighbourhood.

Will you walk with your neighbours to transform your community? Consider a partnership with Operation Manna if

  • you want to do more in the community
  • you want to serve with others in your church neighbourhood
  • you have creative ideas, but few resources
  • you need help getting started

Diaconal Ministries Canada (DMC) staff are passionate about partnering with churches who are responding with Christ’s love, or want to respond to God’s call for them to be in their neighbourhood.

New application forms are available by contacting DMC.