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Operation Manna Partner Profile: Families Living Well Society (FLWS)

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An Operation Manna Partner since 2011, FLWS (in Edmonton, AB) is an initiative that seeks to support single-parent families by providing hope and addressing needs. This post was submitted by FLWS Executive Director Elaine Mulder.

Sometimes when we talk about outreach, we dwell on big things like going on a mission trip, or putting on a big community event or outreach program. But often God works in other ways, through simple tasks or relational, one-on-one ministry.  Sometimes we forget the amazing people who do so much behind the scenes. Janet Toornstra is one of those people.

Janet has been involved with single parents and their children for many years through FLWS. She came faithfully, every Wednesday, to help a single mom feed her disabled son, Chris. It was a big commitment, but it had such an effect on the family.  And Janet does not even know.

Chris is an adult now (pictured above, with Janet), and does not often come to our meetings. Chris’ mom has also moved on, but in a way we never expected. Because of all the support she received over the many years, she is now just starting to attend West End Christian Reformed church services (after more than 15 years of nudging). We know she is struggling, and we know she is now very close to accepting Jesus as her Saviour. We are praying for her. We know it is in God’s hands and that He is caring for her. And it is people like Janet, with their love and little nudges, who helped to plant this seed.

We often think outreach is about helping people, in some physical sense – making pilas, cooking food, sending out flyers, building houses. And, although God commands us to take care of the poor and the needy,  the real command is to spread God’s love and care to our neighbor. It’s a relational ministry that involves a lot of time and commitment.

So when I think of outreach, I think of people like Janet, who showed compassion and love to Chris and his mom, no matter how broken, desperate, poor, mixed up, and socially disadvantaged they were. I thank and praise God for Janet Toornstra and others like her.

A Note from Executive Director Hans Kater

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Welcome to our new website!

You are looking at the results of a new communications strategy that is aligned with the goals of our 2014 ministry plan. Our aim with this new strategy is to communicate more efficiently and effectively with deacons and ministry leaders across Canada. There are 5 things I would like to draw your attention to as you explore the site.

1. Identity Update

We have a new logo! Since we were already creating a new website, it made sense to also evaluate our logo. We have decided to include our full name Diaconal Ministries Canada on the new logo rather than the acronym DMC. It is more descriptive of who we are and what we do. We hope you like it.

2. The Connect Page

There are now several ways you can connect with us and keep in touch. This blog is one of them. We hope you’ll bookmark the e-Quip blog and return to it often as a source of guidance and inspiration. You may also subscribe to the e-Quip Newsletter for monthly compilations of our blog posts. The e-Quip Blog will feature stories of transformation from our staff and Diaconal Ministry Developers. It is intended to keep you connected to the latest news from exciting ministries in diaconates across Canada. It is our hope and prayer that God will use this blog to inspire and enable you to share Christ’s mercy in new and exciting ways in your own church neighbourhoods. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. That’s right. We’re dipping our toes into the waters of social media. We want to reach you where you are online, and since Facebook and Twitter are two of the the most popular social media platforms, we’re starting there. So, if you’re on either or both, be sure to follow us and you’ll soon start to receive status updates and tweets highlighting our blog and other news from Diaconal Ministries Canada. Visit our Connect page to learn more about how to keep in touch.

3. Simple new navigation

Our new website still provides you with in-depth information, tools and other resources to enhance your diaconal work. The top menu provides information about our organization, including background and contact information and a Donate Now link to make it easy for people to support our ministry. The main menu is organized around our 3 key objectives: Engaging Communities, Equipping Deacons, and Doing Justice. We encourage you to explore these links to learn more about who we are and what we do. At the bottom of each page of the site, you’ll find a list of our latest blog posts, Quick Links to our most popular pages, links to our eQuip newsletter sign up form and social media links, and a Get in Touch form.

We are excited about these changes and the opportunity to improve our ministry, but we also know that without Christ and his blessing we can do nothing.

We pray that God will continue to use all of you as his hands and feet to share Christ’s love and transform communities. And we pray that God will use our efforts to communicate in the same way that he used the letters of the apostles to equip and encourage each other in the Early days of the church.