The Board of Diaconal Ministries Canada includes one representative from each of the 12 Canadian Classes in the Christian Reformed Church.

  • Norman Haayema, Classis Alberta North

  • John Knibbe, Classis Alberta South/Sask.

  • Melissa Van Dyk, Classis British Columbia North West

  • Michael Prins – Classis British Columbia South East

  • Jane Adema – Classis Chatham

  • Ineke Neutel, Classis Eastern Canada

  • Scott Plante, Classis Hamilton

  • Mechele teBrake, Classis Huron

  • Erica-Snippe Juurakko, Classis Lake Superior

  • Peter Kralt, Classis Niagara

  • Coby Suurdt, Classis Quinte

  • Lesley Millar Toussaint, Classis Toronto

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