Filling a Deacon Position Together: what are your thoughts?

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Recently a Diaconal Ministries Canada staff person was visiting a number of diaconates. Those visits always provide challenging and thoughtful discussions. Here is one idea that came up:

“Sometimes spouses share some of the responsibilities and functions of a deacon. At one Ontario CRC, deacons raised the idea of electing husband and wife teams to fill a deacon position together.”

What are your thoughts or experiences related to this idea? We want to hear from you! Please comment below.


Deacons and Transitions

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It’s that time of the year again. And it may feel like your diaconate is starting all over.

Here are some suggestions to ease the transition for your new deacons and for your diaconate as you move forward together.

10 Important Transitional Issues to Consider:

(follow the links for resources connected to each transitional issue)

  1. What deacons do: Re-read and discuss the “charge” to Deacons.
  2. How to start well: Check our website for devotions.
  3. Build Community and form a strong team: Click here for some suggestions.
  4. Gifts for Ministry: Examine what gifts you have around your “diaconal table.”
  5. Organizing your ministry plans: Develop a Diaconate workplan.
  6. Schedule a Diaconal Ministry Developer (DMD) visit: Who are they?
  7. Develop your ministry: Guidelines for setting an offering schedule, benevolence, etc.
  8. Diaconal Ministry Shares: Why do we pay them?
  9. Diaconal Ministries Canada: Interested in our Annual Report?
  10. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out the FAQs or contact the Diaconal Ministries Canada office (Madeline).

There is something for everyone at the Day of Encouragement!

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How can you become more effective as you volunteer in your church and community?

  • By meeting other people who are passionate for God’s Kingdom and their community.
  • By sharing stories, worship, and experiences with others.
  • By learning from experts in a workshop setting.
  • By asking questions and engaging in dialogue.
  • By enhancing current skills and developing new ones.

This is what the Day of Encouragement is all about!

No matter how and where you serve, come and be encouraged, inspired, and equipped!

After you interact, make connections, listen, learn and praise God, you will leave at the end of the day all fired up to go back to your church and community and serve God where He has placed you.

What to know more?

Click here for the Ancaster (Ontario) Day of Encouragement (October 18, 2014)

Click here for the Edmonton (Alberta) Day of Encouragement (November 8, 2014)

We will see you there!

NEW! Second Devotion for Deacons

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Here is the second devotion for deacons in the latest set from Diaconal Ministries Canada.

In our conversations with deacons across the country, we often summarize the ministry of the deacon into 4 areas: community ministry, compassion, justice, and stewardship. The first 3 devotions focus on deacons and community ministry.

Each devotion is available in a package with additional resources and discussion questions. Alternatively, you may choose to simply download the devotion without the accompanying material.

We hope and pray that you will be blessed by these devotions, and that, together, your deacons will grow and deepen their relationship with each other and the church and community you serve.

Download Devotion #2 with resources

Download Devotion #2 without resources

Visit the web page with the first devotion.

National Aboriginal Day: June 21

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Join with churches across Canada to respond to the call for reconciliation with indigenous peoples. There are many resources available to help you learn about what reconciliation might look like, and there are opportunities  to act, advocate and be involved individually and as a church.

  • For background information on Aboriginal justice in Canada, and more information, opportunities and resources, navigate through the justice pages of the Diaconal Ministries Canada (DMC) website.
  • Learn about the resources available for Aboriginal Sunday from the Canadian Aboriginal Committee of the Christian Reformed Church.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of and response to God’s call to let justice flow like  a river personally and communally through DMC’s partner, The Office of Social Justice.
  • Join the conversation about social justice in the CRC through the do justice blog. Read the recent piece written by Shannon Perez (Canadian Ministries’ Justice and Reconciliation Mobilizer) on the “courageous act of being vulnerable at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”

Pray that God will continue to prompt and equip the church to respond in love to our Aboriginal neighbours.

Updated Resources

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Be sure to check out the following resources for deacons, updated and reformatted.

Guidelines for Benevolence sm


Guidelines for BenevolenceThis resource offers suggestions to help deacons develop priorities and set boundaries as they reach out in love to their neighbours.



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Growing as a Community of DeaconsThis resource provides practical ideas to help deacons capitalize on opportunities for growth and development in their meetings.





Drinking Downstream: The Church and Residential Schools

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We Drink Downstream from Christian Reformed Church on Vimeo.

Danielle Rowaan, Justice Communications and Education Coordinator for CRC Canadian Ministries, writes the following about the video:

“If there is one single area of Canadian life where Shalom and right relationships are most needed, the relationship between indigenous peoples and other Canadians is certainly in the running. And where there are broken relationships, the followers of Jesus Christ are called to be. This video, developed by several CRC agencies, shows a gathering of CRC members from a number of churches who attended the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) event in Vancouver. They gathered afterwards to talk about the experience and what it means for the Church. The TRC is a chance for indigenous people to tell other Canadians about their experiences of the residential schools that operated for more than 100 years in Canada.”

Diaconal Ministries Canada collaborates with several CRC agencies in the area of social justice. Browse our web pages for more information and resources related to Aboriginal justice.